You want more then only the possibility of renting a module, want to be part of the growing community, help us out, use the modules for your own workshop. Then a partnership is in the making and you become a user in our community.

How? Send us a mail to with your idea or proposal.

What does it cost to rent as a partner? The prices are modular, as the project is modular. We ask a guarantee of 5x renting price on the highest costing module and bike.

What’s in the partnership? We make a difference between a partnership and a co-creation. In the partnership we find an agreement between two or more partners where each of us finds his benefit. It can be a deal in kind or an exchange in services or materials. This deal will be revisited every year.

Example: Brussels Bike Messenger uses our XYZ cargo bike on a regular basis; he helps recup’Kitchen find food, transports beer for En Stoemeling and organizes bike tours with it. In return he agreed to maintain the bike and be the bike fixer.

Example 2: Cultureghem gives us access to a stocking place on their ground where our bike and module library can stay. In exchange we give them x time a workshop in 3D printing or a cinema screening for their public.

More info? Check out our organogram and blank file to see how our partnerships take form and how you can become part of our community