A short guide to the different ways you can interact with the Vélo M² Community, from lending a bike and module, using our modules on the long-term to making your own modules and getting something out of it through our FairShare model. This text is still inherent to future changes cause it is a totally open source model ;-)

You can become a part of the Vélo M2 community in many ways.

All our profits are distributed through the open source model: FAIRSHARE. A model where we try to remunerate every person concerned. Investing in the community is making it stronger on a short and long term!

The Vélo M² cargo bike and modules can be rented to be used at your own event.

How? Send us a mail at to make a reservation (at least one week before the date).

What does it cost? The prices are modular, as the project is modular. We ask a guarantee of 200€.

Example: You want to have a promo stand with some energy to power your iPad.
xyz cargo bike + energy module + empty module + promo module = 30€ + 300€ guarantee.

Workshop? Soon we will provide workshops with the open-air cinéma module and the 3D module.
You can contact us for more information.
When ? You can check the availability on the calendar.